Vision 2020-21 Project

Tapestry Successfully Raises $16,300 in Government Grants

December 1, 2020 — North Mountain United Tapestry Cultural & Heritage Society is pleased to provide you with the following up-to-date on our “Vision 2020-21 Project.”

We hope you find it as exciting as we do.

Tapestry has received responses from three grant applications and we are pleased to announce that the Nova Scotia Community ACCESS-Ability Program grant from the Province of Nova Scotia was issued in full ($10,000). In addition, $6,300 was awarded to Tapestry as a result of our Kings Vision Grant application to the Municipality of the County of Kings.


Tapestry is seeking a total of $82,000 in grants, donations and fundraising to improve the church building and surrounding property.

At the Annual General Meeting, on February 8, 2020, the Tapestry volunteer Board of Directors presented its “Vision 2020-21 Project.”

Members of Tapestry engaged in a lively discussion which resulted in several important additions to the project.

The Board of Directors met twice: on February 26th and March 27th to incorporate the feedback we received from Members into the project.

The resulting revised “Vision 2020-21 Project” now includes:

  • Erecting a safety fence along the north, Bay of Fundy, boundary of the property;
  • Making level walkways around the church grounds, and building a ramp to improve accessibility into the church;
  • Replacing the south front entrance doors, to open outwards; to meet the Code for fire and emergency exits. As well, creating an additional fire and emergency exit on the north wall;
  • Building outdoor shelters for farm market vendors;
  • Building an outdoor stage for musical and theatrical performances;
  • Building a patio/deck on the north-facing side of the church; and
  • Building, together as a community, a traditional earthen cobb oven, as an educational experience, to provide hot meals.

All of these improvements will keep the historic and structural integrity of the 1860’s church foremost in mind during construction. As well, the existing natural vegetation will be integrated into the designs with great respect and care.

Grant Applications

To achieve the “Vision 2020-21 Project,” the volunteer Board of Directors sought to obtain preliminary cost estimates from three local builders. This resulted in a total cost estimate of $82,000.

The volunteer Board of Directors made applications for three separate grants to provide at least 75% of the finances needed for this project. These grant applications included:

  • Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund ($25,000)
  • Nova Scotia Community ACCESS-Ability Program grant ($10,000) and
  • Kings Vision Grant ($40,000).

As stated above, moneys were received from the provincial and municipal governments, however, our Farm Credit Canada application was not successful.

The Board of Directors is now advancing priority components of the project while the remaining finances are being sought from ‘work-in-kind’ contributions from community volunteers, as well as fundraising and donations.

Ideas for fundraising events are welcome.

We look forward to your support in this very exciting project.

If you have any comments or questions on the above, please contact us at:

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Along the breathtaking bluffs of the Bay of Fundy, with the world’s highest tides, the re-purposed historic United Church stands in the small fishing village of Harbourville. This is the home of the North Mountain United Tapestry Cultural & Heritage Society, a not-for-profit society whose mission is to host a welcoming space in our community that celebrates and enhances our local culture, economy and quality of life.

United Tapestry envisions a local community that is:

Economically vital, resilient and self-reliant

Socially connected, nurturing and supportive

Responsible for its own health and wellness

Proud of its heritage and culture.

We encourage and welcome your participation in North Mountain United Tapestry, as a means to empower our community and to reinvest in our local economy.

We believe that taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with your neighbours, learn a new skill, purchase hand-crafted gifts or locally-grown produce, can create memorable experiences, strengthen our community, and help educate our children on our local skills and capacities.

Each contribution to your community, whether year-round or part-time, big or small, shapes this community’s future and adds to its vibrancy and sustainability, and to your quality of life.

If you want to become involved in any way please contact us at:

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