A little miracle has taken place at Harbourville United Church.

Built in 1860, the little white United Church, on the cliff of The Bay of Fundy in the small hamlet of Harbourville has once again become a vibrant center of activity for surrounding communities.

The building and its activity is now part of the local summer experience and its warmth goes out into the community in the cold, dark winter. Harbourville still has a house of worship and the old building has brought new life into the community thanks to North Mountain United Tapestry Cultural & Heritage Society.

The society celebrates and promotes local culture, commerce and environmental stewardship within the surrounding North Mountain communities.

Through adaptive reuse, the historic church has once again become a vibrant community meeting place envisioned within the original proposal . The four United Church of Canada services (including the beloved community led Christmas Eve service) which are held each year are now part of an inclusive schedule of events which include a farmers’ market, a concert series, environmental, health and craft workshops, plus artisan’s galleries.

Our market and events are an opportunity to connect with your neighbours, learn a new skill, purchase hand-crafted gifts or locally-grown produce, can create memorable experiences, strengthen our community, and help educate our children on our local skills and capacities.  We are volunteer run and love to welcome new faces into our community.


We are working hard to maintain this beautiful building and the property to serve the community, all while staying committed to preserving the sacred ambiance and simplistic grace apparent when one enters the church. In August 2021 we had patio doors installed so you can visit us and see our new view into the Bay.

Other Past Projects Included:

  • 2018 -Foundation Repairs
  • 2017 – New Road Sign
  • 2017 – landscaping around church & parking lot
  • 2017 – new seat for play boat
  • 2017 – Updated heating system from oil to propane
  • 2016 – Our Innovated Outhouse was built
  • 2015 – Re-shingling our roof
  • 2014 – Replaced the siding on the building’s steeple

Some future updates include:

  • An extension to our ‘Fundy View’ patio/deck, which is presently going to be built just 5 feet wide. ($12,000)
  • New front doors for the church (that swing outward and are walker and wheelchair friendly). ($6,500)
  • A beautiful theater and music performance stage (complete with backstage). ($6,000)
  • 30 meters of perimeter fencing. ($4,000)

The Board of Directors is advancing priority components of our projects. We continue to apply for grants to provide up to 75% of the finances needed for these types of projects. In the meantime, the remaining finances, ‘work-in-kind’ contributions from community volunteers, as well as fundraising and donations are being sought. We also welcome fresh ideas for fundraising events. We look forward to your support.

If you would like to support us by making a donation or by sponsoring one of these projects, please contact us directly at unitedtapestry@gmail.com. Charitable tax receipts are available for your contributions.