Vision 2020-21 Project

Patio Doors have been Installed! Come visit us and see our new view to the Bay! 

August 1, 2021 — North Mountain United Tapestry Cultural & Heritage Society is pleased to provide you with the following up-to-date on our “Vision 2020-21 Project.”

We hope you find it as exciting as we do.

Local builder, Alex Bezanson, has installed new patio doors on the north-facing wall of the church.

Alex recently completed construction of a new access ramp and the first phase of our ‘Fundy View’ patio. These are constructed of local hemlock for long-term durability.

The patio doors give a new way to enter and exit the church and provide a great view of the Bay of Fundy. They also allow more natural light to enter the church.

Our four new vendor shelters were previously completed in June. Martin Beauseigle and Frank Racz, two local builders, constructed the vendor shelters, which are located on the west side of the church. They have been occupied by vendors on Saturdays ever since with good reviews.

Tapestry is very grateful for the very generous donation of rough-cut lumber for the vendor shelters from two local North Mountain woodlot owners: Doug Kemp and George Spicer. Thank you so much, Doug and George.

In 2020, Tapestry received funding from the Nova Scotia Community ACCESS-Ability Program ($10,000) administered by the Province of Nova Scotia and from the Kings Vision Grant ($6,300) administered by the Municipality of the County of Kings.

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Tapestry is seeking a total of $82,000 in grants, donations and fundraising to improve the church building and surrounding property.

At the Annual General Meeting, on February 8, 2020, the Tapestry volunteer Board of Directors presented its “Vision 2020-21 Project.”

Members of Tapestry engaged in a lively discussion which resulted in several important additions to the project.

The Board of Directors met twice: on February 26th and March 27th to incorporate the feedback received from Members into the project.

The resulting revised “Vision 2020-21 Project” now includes:

  • Erecting a safety fence along the north, Bay of Fundy, boundary of the property;
  • Making level walkways around the church grounds, and building a ramp to improve accessibility into the church;
  • Replacing the south front entrance doors, to open outwards; to meet the Code for fire and emergency exits. As well, creating an additional fire and emergency exit on the north wall;
  • Building outdoor shelters for farm market vendors;
  • Building an outdoor stage for musical and theatrical performances;
  • Building a patio/deck on the north-facing side of the church; and
  • Building, together as a community, a traditional earthen cobb oven, as an educational experience, to provide hot meals.

All of these improvements will keep the historic and structural integrity of the 1860’s church foremost in mind during construction. As well, the existing natural vegetation will be integrated into the designs with great respect and care.

Grant Applications

To achieve the “Vision 2020-21 Project,” the volunteer Board of Directors sought to obtain preliminary cost estimates from three local builders. This resulted in a total cost estimate of $82,000.

In 2020, the volunteer Board of Directors made applications for three separate grants to provide at least 75% of the finances needed for this project. These grant applications included:

  • Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund ($25,000)
  • Nova Scotia Community ACCESS-Ability Program grant ($10,000) and
  • Kings Vision Grant ($40,000).

As stated above, funding was received from the provincial and municipal governments, however, our Farm Credit Canada application was not successful.

The Board of Directors is advancing priority components of the project. In the meantime, the remaining finances, ‘work-in-kind’ contributions from community volunteers, as well as fundraising and donations are being sought.

Ideas for fundraising events are welcome.

We look forward to your support in this very exciting project.

If you have any comments or questions on the above, please contact us at:

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2021 Capital Campaign

We are working hard to maintain this beautiful building and the property to serve the community.  Here are the most pressing needs for our organization to achieve our vision and our updated space:  If you would like to support us by making a donation or by sponsoring one of these projects, please contact us directly at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  Charitable tax receipts are available for your contributions.

1. An extension to our ‘Fundy View’ patio/deck, which is presently going to be built just 5 feet wide. ($12,000)

2. New front doors for the church (that swing outward and are walker and wheelchair friendly). ($6,500)

3. A beautiful theatre and music performance stage (complete with backstage). ($6,000)

4. 30 metres of perimeter fencing. ($4,000)

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2017 Building Report

“United Tapestry is committed to preserving the sacred ambiance and simplistic grace apparent when one enters the church”

We are fortunate to have the creative and skillful talents of two local carpenters, Alex Bezanson and Martin Hadley. Both of these men have spent countless hours volunteering their time to the society. When finances were available both were compensated somewhat for their hours of effort. United Tapestry has moved forward and been enriched through the generosity of spirit  and community found in these two men.

In 2014 one of our first projects was to replace the failing, rotten siding on the building’s steeple. Drawings were created (by Alex Bezanson), approved and the work was completed before our opening day in May2014. The steeple was resurfaced with a beautiful wooden sunrise motive.steeple frontsteeple sideTo create a space large enough to house our farmers’ market, a few pews were then removed and  stored off site and others have been re-purposed into large market stalls, a coffee kiosk and shelving. Against the west interior wall the remaining original pews remain intact as they were in 1860. The church building has been transformed into a multi-functional space.

2015 saw the reshingling of our roof…..more of this journey to come…..

2016 Our Innovative Outhouse is built!