“United Tapestry is committed to preserving the sacred ambiance and simplistic grace apparent when one enters the church”

We are fortunate to have the creative and skillful talents of two local carpenters, Alex Bezanson and Martin Hadley. Both of these men have spent countless hours volunteering their time to the society. When finances were available both were compensated somewhat for their hours of effort. United Tapestry has moved forward and been enriched through the generosity of spirit  and community found in these two men.

In 2014 one of our first projects was to replace the failing, rotten siding on the building’s steeple. Drawings were created (by Alex Bezanson), approved and the work was completed before our opening day in May2014. The steeple was resurfaced with a beautiful wooden sunrise motive.steeple frontsteeple sideTo create a space large enough to house our farmers’ market, a few pews were then removed and  stored off site and others have been re-purposed into large market stalls, a coffee kiosk and shelving. Against the west interior wall the remaining original pews remain intact as they were in 1860. The church building has been transformed into a multi-functional space.

2015 saw the reshingling of our roof…..more of this journey to come…..

2016 Our Innovative Outhouse is built!  http://online.flipbuilder.com/yvic/tqgo/mobile/index.html#p=16