We are so blessed to have amazing, talented artists in our community! Our online raffle of some of their work is a fundraiser that will help support our non profit society.

Each raffle will support the artist, North Mountain United Tapestry AND will have a winner from the community who will receive the artwork!

August 2022 Raffle

Tapestry volunteers are working hard to maintain the beautiful church building and the property at 3201 Long Point Road in Harbourville!  This summer we will be hosting an online art raffle from members of the community.  This beautiful piece was created by Black Rock artist Carolyn Low using wool, silk and mohair. The piece is in a wooden frame and measures 22” by 52” and has a value of approximately $1800.  Please buy tickets and share with your friends and family for a chance to win this beautiful felted art! Use the QR code below or visit https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/unitedtapestry to purchase tickets. Sales end on September 3 2022 and the winner will be drawn September 10th. Each ticket costs $10, and all the proceeds will go to sustaining our wonderful church for years to come.

Past Raffles

Felted Wall Hanging

The winner of our first raffle was Stefanie Arduini (Greenwood). This gorgeous piece wasentitled “Perched on Granite”. It was created by Black Rock artist Carolyn Low using wool, silk and mohair to show a fluid sky, sun-lit trees and textured rock. The piece was framed in wood and measured 30” by 40”.  This online art raffle raised over $1,000 which will be used to improve and maintain our markets as well as our community cultural & heritage events and projects.

Raffle Winner, Stefanie Arduini, was thrilled to win this beautiful piece and sent us this photo of it in her home .

2nd Raffle of 2021 Mosaic Stained Glass – Delphiniums in the window

This is glass on glass mosaic which is done on an old window. The winner of this beautiful stained glass window was Debra Jardine from Kentville! Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser! Proceeds from this raffle went to a local family who had lost their home to fire.

I was born in Halifax and returned to Nova Scotia in 2013 after spending most of my life in Banff, Alberta working in the tourist industry. I enjoy my summers by the Bay of Fundy in Harbourville and my winters by my cozy wood stove in Cornwallis. I have always enjoyed creating art and playing with different mediums before finding my passion in mosaic stained glass. In between mosaic projects you might find me painting with the vibrant colours of alcohol ink. I love nature and I am always inspired by my surroundings!